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About TrevelSiM

The journey - always an interesting adventure. See the world - an exciting dream. Nowadays you have the opportunity to visit different countries, from Russia and Bulgaria to Australia or Japan. Another feature of the modern world - mobile communications. Even when you're on vacation, you still need to keep in touch with friends, to announce that all right with you, or find out what to bring gifts, arrange a meeting at the airport, and so on. Here there is one "but". When you take with your cell phone with Ukrainian number for communication abroad, your communication will take place when roaming tariffs with 2, 3 or even 5 dollars per minute! Moreover, these tariffs are more or less the same for all subscribers Ukrainian operator. Thus, the autumn of 2005, alternatives such tariffs were not. But what has changed? In Ukraine, a prepaid roaming TravelSiM from UTT & CSC! This service is useful to those who at least once a year travels abroad. TravelSiM provide you with communication in>  190countries. Yes, one sim card with the same number the Baltic in your phone and you are always in touch. Please note that ≈  140 countries (including the European countries, Turkey, Egypt, Russia) incoming calls will be free for you!

The rates for outgoing calls start at $ 0.29  and more than 150 countries do not exceed $ 1.00 per minute. Interestingly, these tariffs for outgoing calls only, regardless of the direction - that is, your calls within the host country (local) or calls to Ukraine or France, Russia or the United States will have the same value, except for certain countries, such as Cuba or Inmarsat . Another convenience is the versatility tariffs - they operate around the clock, regardless of the selected network in each country. SMS  - from $ 0.15. You can also send any country at a single price of $ 0.10through TravelSiM-menu. It should be noted that tariffs TravelSiM no fee. Monthly Fee either. Validity of service - 1 year from the last call or SMS.That is, if you left some money on the balance sheet, you can use the next trip in any other country during the year. Interested? Then welcometo buy starter pack TravelSiM. And then there is the possibility of direct recharge to number at points of sale TrevelSiM. You can refill the account in payment terminals. For this you need to know the number TrevelSiMky. This site is located outside Ukraine. Online rates listed Estonian mobile operator.